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Performance Max is a provider of audio training programs in digital format. These training programs are intended for use by our customers as part of their exercise program. Consult with your doctor before initiating any exercise program. See your doctor if you experience pain, discomfort or lightheadedness during or after training.


The audio training programs sold through this site are owned by Performance Max, and are protected by United States and international intellectual property laws. You shall not reproduce, modify, display, perform, transfer, distribute, or otherwise use the audio training programs except as expressly authorized by Performance Max, and you shall not allow or facilitate such unauthorized use by anyone else.

If you purchase an audio training program from Performance Max, you may: (1) save the program to the hard drives of up to three of your personal computers and play back at any time, (2) burn the program to a CD, and/or (3) transfer to a compatible portable device. You may only burn to a CD each purchased audio training program up to seven (7) times. Once you have burned a purchased audio training program to a CD, you agree not to copy, distribute, or transfer the program from that CD to any other media or device, except as provided herein. You may transfer a purchased audio training program to two portable devices. The burning or transfer capabilities provided for herein shall not operate to waive or limit any rights of the copyright owners in the audio training programs.

The audio training programs sold through this site may not be used in commercial group training programs without a group training license from Performance Max. Please contact Performance Max if you would like to discuss a group training license.

The illegal copying of Performance Max audio training programs is a crime. Copyright law in the United States and many other countries provides for severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material.


When you purchase an audio training program, you are granted the right to download that training program one time. If you wish to download the audio again at a later date, you will be charged at the current price for the second download.